All UBX's Trainers

Jason Ott

FMS Specialist, Sports Training, Preventative Injury & Rehabilitation and Fit-Camp Instructor.

Luke Shook

Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Fit-Camp Instructor

Heidi Boschen

Weight Loss, Functional Training, Performance Enhancement, Strength Training

MinDee Shipp

Functional Training Specialist, Cross-Fit Level 1 Certified, Fit-Camp Instructor

Tony Sandel

Strength Training, Weight Loss, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Functional Training

Gina Luedtke

Health Coach, 1-on-1 Yoga lessons, Fitness Yoga Instructor, Fit-Camp Instructor

Tony L General

Sports Performance, Strength Building, Core Strength, Weight Loss, Fit Camp/Kickboxing/Self-defense Instructor